It’s crazy. It’s crunchy. It’s …. well, it’s delicious, actually. Here’s a quick and easy one you still have time to whip up for an Easter gift!

This makes a small batch, perfect for a gift with a few pieces left over, but you could easily double the recipe.


150g chocolate (I used a mix of dark & milk)

75g butter

2 tbs golden syrup

125g shelled pistachio nuts

2 x 40g  chocolate-coated honeycomb bars, broken into roughly 1cm chunks

1/3 cup marshmallows, chopped in half

If your pistachio nuts are raw, you’ll need to toast them for 5-8 minutes on a tray, lined with baking paper, at about 150degC (you can tell when they’re toasted as they’ll smell fantastic!) Sprinkle with a couple of generous pinches of sea salt and allow to cool. Line a small dish or tray, about 6″ square, with baking paper.

Using a heavy-based saucepan or double boiler, melt the chocolate together with the butter over low heat and add the golden syrup.  Add in the marshmallows, nuts & honeycomb and stir until everything is coated in the chocolate mix. Pour into the prepared tray and refridgerate until set.

Try not to eat it all before you are supposed to give it away!