Or, how to be creative when all your crafty tools  & materials are not only packed up in boxes, but interstate?

Well, I had this bag. I got it from Bunnings (you can probably tell) and it’s a great size and shape, the handles are the right length to put over your shoulder, and it’s made from nice heavy canvas.

But it’s got this bloody great logo on it.

So I had an idea to find a t-shirt with a cool print and stitch that over the top of the logo. Then I could take the bag out with me and not feel like a walking advertisement for a hardware store. (I’ve had the bag for a few years – I figure the bag has fulfilled it’s advertising potential by now.)

Off I went to the opshop. I was tempted by a men’s shirt with a flocked print of Bruce Lee’s face, but I don’t think I could have brought myself to chop up a Bruce Lee shirt – and it was too big for me so it went back on the rack. There was a Monster Threads shirt with a random print that might have worked but the print was too big. No go.

Then it occurred to me to check the children’s clothing. Ta-da!

I left the shop after finally deciding I couldn’t justify the gorgeous 1970’s Noritake dinner set. Sad face. I’m in the middle of moving house (as mentioned, the majority of my stuff has gone before me to another city) which is as expensive as it is inconvenient, so it probably would have made my life difficult.

I may go back next Saturday and see if it’s still there.

Meanwhile, back in the world where I have access to the bare necessities (scissors, pins, needle & thread) I took the kid’s shirt home and chopped the cute print out, turned the edges under and stitched it onto the bag.


Of course, when I was looking for a suitable print to sew onto the side of the bag, I’d forgotten that the logo is in fact printed on BOTH sides of the bag… sigh. Well, if I can find a piece of calico or a suitable doily/hanky at the opshop next weekend, my bag may yet acquire a pocket on the other side.