About a year ago, I bought a skirt (pic below) at Vinnies. I think it was six or seven dollars. I didn’t buy it to wear – it was ridiculously long (109cm) and had a tiny waist (70cm!) but I really dug the fabric. It was a nondescript latte colour in that heavy 70’s knit fabric – I think it was referred to as double jersey. It was a home-made skirt, so no overlocking to unpick, and the length meant I had plenty of fabric to play with.

Recently I went on a shopping spree to a factory outlet centre, where I tried on a rather cute colour-block dress in caramel and black. It didn’t fit very well, which saved me about $30, but it did give me inspiration for the future of the latte jersey skirt. I have trawled the internet looking for a picture of the dress that I tried, but of all the colour-block dresses I looked at, none were much like the one I saw in the shop! Something along these lines:

I figured I would have to buy a piece of heavy wool crêpe to be the contrast fabric. That was until I walked into a Salvo’s Store last weekend and checked out the fabric remnant rack. What are the odds? A square metre of the EXACT SAME JERSEY FABRIC as the skirt, in black. $1.99, thank you very much.

Two different op shops, in two different cities, in two different states, no less. Clearly this dress was meant to be made. And so without further ado I got to work!

I whipped out my New Look 6779 pattern (which I had used previously for the reversible dress, so I didn’t’ have to mess around fitting it), and used the skirts’ centre front and back seams as the front and back centre lines for the dress. The dress pattern already featured the contrast yoke, so I just had to create a pattern for the bottom block, which I did by measuring up from the hem.

The making of this dress included a minor adventure wherein I went on an expedition to the granny flat to dig up some poly-silk lining fabric for the facings, managed to get trapped in there when the door got stuck shut and had to climb out the window; good thing I was wearing trakkie daks at the time!

Then I just threw it all together! It’s a very easy dress to make, no zips or buttons or anything complicated. It turned out perfect! My thrifty vintage-fabric colour-block dress. Yay!

There’s a bit of fabric left so I’m thinking a matching clutch purse might be in order. I am loving it with my brown woolly coat (yes, op shopped a few years ago, about $12 I think.)

Now I’m going to try and join Recycled Fashion‘s Friday Linkup, hopefully this works!

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