I think I may have been bitten by the colour block bug. Well, you see, I have this black sweater. I hardly ever wear it cost it’s (a) a bit too figure-hugging and (b) a bit short in the body – I like low-rise pants and wearing waist-length tops just means you get cold kidneys.

And then I remembered this bit of purple knit fabric I found in the remnant bin at Spotlight a million years ago. As usual, I was buying fabric with no real purpose in mind!

When I was searching images for the colour block dress, I saw loads of different variations of colour-blocking, so I thought I’d deconstruct this sweater and see if I couldn’t make it usable. Here’s a couple of really terrible pics of the sweater and how I chopped it up. It had a ribbed section a couple of inches below the bust, so I used that as the cutting line. Then  I cut the lower section along the side seams. The sleeves I chopped off at the ribbed cuff.

Then I cut out some pieces of the purple knit. Now, the black sweater was a good deal more stretchy than the purple knit, which led to some fairly arbitrary decisions by me in relation to how much bigger the purple pieces needed to be, and how much I needed to stretch them as I sewed them together.

So I sewed a rectangle to the top of each front and back section. I then cut two long, narrow pieces of the purple, zigged a narrow hem at one end, and sewed them along the sides of the front section. Then the back section got attached to those side pieces to make the lower ‘tube’ of the bodice. Then I attached that ‘tube’ to the upper bodice.

Bear in mind, I am doing all of this with a standard sewing machine, just using a zig-zag stitch and a stretch needle – this would probably be much easier if I had an overlocker!

For the sleeves, I made up a couple more tubes and zig-zagged them to the upper sleeve, then attached the cuffs to the end.