When you’re developing recipes, not everything turns out quite right.

Today, I’m afraid, there’s no recipe. I baked, and I am blogging, but this particular recipe needs more work before I share it. I wanted to make Carrot Cake Cookies. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, I didn’t have a disaster. I have cookies, and they’re not terrible.

They looked interesting when I was making them:

Carroty biscuits balls, before the oven…

But I had an inkling even at that point, because the cookie dough just wasn’t the sort that really makes you want to scrape the bowl.  And the cooked cookies? Kinda ho-hum. Not worth wasting frosting on (because of course, Carrot Cake Cookies would have to have cream cheese frosting!)

The cooked cookies – with an annoying reflection

But I really like the idea, so I’ll be coming back to these.

Right now, it’s time to make dinner. See you tomorrow!