I know. There was no day 10, and it’s more than a little disappointing. I was so keen to blog every day for 30 days, but perhaps that was a little bit ambitious. After all, I know that if I plan out my training for a fun run or a race, I will be happy if I can tick off most of the training sessions. Sometimes, weather, illness or just life gets in the road.

Well, yesterday and today, it’s the second one. I don’t feel crash hot. Not at death’s door, but not really up to baking after a day at work.

So today, I’m sharing a bit of baking from the recent past. This EXCELLENT pumpkin bread recipe is by Alton Brown. It’s sweet, dense, moist and rich. There are 197 reviews (!) and it has a five-star rating. So I thought it a safe bet to make when my mum was visiting and one of the other makebakers and her man were coming for morning tea. I had some leftover frosting in the fridge, and this cake with frosting is truly indulgent. (Sorry, as it was leftovers, I don’t remember what the frosting was, exactly, but usually I make a butter/margarine and pure icing sugar number, or a cream cheese frosting.)


It would, of course, be just fine with lashings of butter, eaten while still warm.