Conversation with 13-year-old nephew:

Me: “So, what sort of cake do you want for your birthday?”

Nephew: “A good one.”

Me: “You’ll have to be a bit more specific than that!”

Nephew: “Worked last year, didn’t it?”

Well, it’s hard to argue with that when you made last year’s cake too… flattery is hard to resist. (Besides, i found this conversation rather funny and I do love both of my nephews. )

However, I did manage to extract one specific request – he wanted a cake with “lots of lollies”.

I did as requested. Inspired by this picture at Made in Melissa’s Kitchen I made a butter cake, coated it in chocolate icing and loaded it up with lollies. Lots and lots of lollies:

The boy’s lolly-loaded birthday cake

There were even lollies inside – I cut the cake into two horizontal layers, and sandwiched them together with a simple icing sugar and butter icing, loaded with little candy-coated choc drops.

And the verdict from the newly-turned-14 lad? “Good cake. You can make me that again next year!” Phew. (A big thanks to Melissa for the idea. Hers was a bit neater than mine!).
PS. Yes, the 30-day challenge has fallen by the wayside, but I’m really not that upset. I’ve been on holidays since mid last week and there wasn’t really any baking going on, aside from the birthday cake. Sometimes, just relaxing and doing almost nothing is the best choice of all!