Of all the amazing things I’ve found at op shops over the years, last weekend’s visit to Laverton Lighthouse has taken the cake.

A couple of Footrot Flats and a nice retro pattern and I would have been happy. $8 for the sweet little suitcase was great. But $40 for THIS? Bargain!!!

I am so stoked! I have been wanting a vintage machine for ages and have been waiting for the right one to fall into my lap. Thud! There it is. It is complete with cable, foot pedal and cover. The cover is the old cardboard type and is a little beat up but not bad for it’s age. It is electrically sound, in fact it sounds as smooth as my brand-new Suzuki Swift! I’ve cleaned it up and oiled it, and eventually figured out how to thread it (thanks to thornberry’s  ongoing Pinnock post!). Alas, it still won’t pick up the bobbin thread correctly, so I might actually have to take it to the sewing machine fixit people.

I have been trying to do research on Pinnock machines but the internet didn’t yield much at first glance; turns out Pinnock were an Australian sewing machine company, using imported Singer and Wernard parts. I have started delving into the National Archive but unfortunately this research is going to take a little longer than one afternoon on the internet!

Dating this particular machine has turned out to be a little tricky, but check out the Australian Women’s Weekly from March 1958:

Because the earlier machines only did a straight stitch and mine is a ‘Zig Zag Deluxe’, I’m guessing mine is a little later than this – probably more like 1960 – 1963, something like that. At any rate, there will be some further research to be performed, so stay tuned for updates!