Here’s one I whipped up the other day. I don’t know about you guys, but I have a plethora of various cards that I have to drag around with me (rewards cards, discount cards, library cards – you get the idea), and the cheap vinyl card wallet finally fell to pieces last week.

So I dug through my (extensive) stash and found some pretty fabric. Then I worked out some measurements and cut out some pieces.

Gave it a bit of an iron, reinforced the centre spine section and sewed it together thusly:

I turned it out the right way and pressed it. I rescued the cardboard inserts and the plastic sleeves from the old case, then carefully stitched the sleeves into the centre of the new cover. Dear Ms Janome was actually quite amiable about sewing through plastic. Who knew?

Hooray for bulldog clips!

Then the cardboard inserts got shoved into the outside covers and those got stitched closed.

A couple of sprays of fabric protector and voila! New card case. Much prettier!