I found these plain, chunky black heels at Salvos Footscray a while back, $5.99. They’re leather, in quite good condition, and a comfy fit.

Finally, last week I got around to livening them up. Some fake fur fabric gave them a bit of pizazz:

I’ll admit I did this the quick and dirty way, as opposed to my previous shoe refashion.  Nope, all I did was cut some rough shapes out, glued them on and then trimmed around the edges of the uppers and the inside heel. If you’ve never used a product called Fraystoppa, it’s worth looking into – I used it on the cut edges to, well, stop the fraying.

At this point they were definitely improved but still a little blah. I was informed by my style consultant that they needed ‘a little something’ and inspiration struck!

Recently acquired from the op shop were three jars of buttons and jewelry, which yielded a fab collection of retro clip-on earrings.

I’d read other refashion posts about using clip-on earrings to add instant glamour to shoes, so of course I gave it a try!

The Consultant also offered the opinion that these shoes are now reminiscent of ‘brothel creepers‘, a style of shoe favored by the teddy boys from the late 1940’s.

I’ll admit they have a bit in common.

It’s flattering, but I don’t know that I’d ever be as cool as these guys.

Boys wearing Edwardian style clothes at the “Teen Canteen” at Elephant & Castle, South London, July 1955. Source: http://www.edwardianteddyboy.com/

What I do know is that my shoes are going to look awesome with my newly tie-bleached jeans, which I will be blogging about very soon. Hooroo!