I picked this fabric up in Spotlight – they were having a sale but when I got to the checkout it was actually cheaper than what the shelf had indicated. It annoys me when that happens, because if I knew how much the fabrics really cost I would make different choices! I never have time to go and make the different choices after they’ve put it through the register – which they only do *after* they’ve cut all the fabrics. Do they not want to sell more? Hmm.

Picked the handles up at an op shop, and the pattern came from a Handmade magazine. I got it from a bag compilation mag called Adorable Bags, and the name of the pattern was Swing Bag by Colleen Archbold. You can find it on Craftlovers and buy a download of the pattern if you is really diggin’ it. Oh, the original has two fabrics on each side, seamed on the diagonal… and a bunch of appliqued flowers…

The direction of the pattern was such that I just had enough in my half metre to shift it across a bit so the front and back are slightly different across the flower panel. I would have liked to set the flower panel down a little further on the bag, but I would have needed twice the fabric length so I could cut them out side by side instead of above each other. If I made it again I think I would make the ‘neck’ a little longer.