I found this t-shirt at Salvo’s a few weeks ago, I think it set me back $4. It seemed fairly new, worn very little if at all. I love this band so of course I snapped it up.

Originally I had intended to just shape it in and wear it as a t-shirt, but I was inspired by Erica’s Kingfisher dress and thought I would have a go at making it into a dress.

Firstly some new sideseams were in order. Using a favourite t-shirt to guage the size, I pinned in the sides, gave it a quick try-on and sewed them up, then trimmed off the excess and cut the sleeves down. The pink line is the stitching line, the green line is where I cut off the excess. (Check out my dodgy photoshop skills!)

I left the sleeve edges raw – you can do that with t-shirts! I wasn’t too worried about the shaping under the arm either – again the beauty of stretchy t-shirt fabric.

Another black t-shirt I had chopped up for another project came into play now. I cut some strips about 7cm wide and joined them together, just with a flat overlap seam – I’m sure there’s a name for that, but I don’t know it!

Because I was using sleeve offcuts for these strips, the ends were at angles; but I wanted to keep this looking a bit ‘raw’ so I just used the existing angle at the end of each strip – oddly enough there always seemed to be a matching reverse angle on another strip, so they all joined up rather well. Then I pinned them onto the bottom of the t-shirt, again just doing an overlap and using a triple straight stitch on my machine.

The flash makes it look gray, but you can see the detail better this way.

I don’t have an overlocker, but Ms Janome has a very capable triple stitch that worked perfectly for this project.

Because I was just overlapping the seams, it was reeeeally easy to join the end of the strips after they were sewn on.

Then I kept adding strips.

Cleverly, I saved the hemmed edges of the sleeves to use as the final tier – but there wasn’t quite enough!

Not the look I was going for! But I had enough bits of fabric to sort that out. Even managed to fake the hem stitching lines.

So here’s the end result.

Pardon my knobbly knees.

Detail of the skirt:

And this is all that was left of the t-shirts!

I have worn it, and it is sooo comfy. Perfect for ‘t-shirt weather’!

You are probably wondering about the title of this post. It is a pun on the title of the album featured on this t-shirt, “10,000 Days”. And, yes, of course I listened to the album while I was sewing! In fact it actually took me a bit longer than “10,000 Days” – a bit of “Lateralus” had to come to the party. Let it rock.