I have bees.

Granted, this is not making, baking or sistering. But bees make honey and wax, which can be used for much making and baking, not to mention supplying to sisters.

We have now had a hive for almost a whole week, and are such massive experts that this morning we moved the hive onto a new stand and did not get stung. Apparently we didn’t make the bees cranky! We did confuse the poor little blighters a bit, the ones out foraging kept coming back to the old stand and buzzing around wondering what happened to their home. It was only a few metres away, so they found it soon enough.

We have a second box prepared, hoping to split into hives this season. Here it is, all freshly painted and with some frames and foundation (the wax base for honeycomb) added. All recycled or home-made. Even the foundation was a gift from a retired beekeeper. The box takes 10 frames, but then you wouldn’t be able to see them, so here it has four.

I think the inside of the box is not supposed to be painted. But the inside was painted when I got it, so naturally I sanded it and repainted it… and then read that insides are not painted. Oops. Hope the bees don’t mind!