I have a lot of fabric. This bit is just the patchwork fabric I have accumulated. Some are leftovers from projects, others are intended for future projects. (Or, should I say, were intended for future projects, way back when I bought them….)

This is just craft fabric.

Here is a stack of plastic storers featuring some of my fancier fabrics. Silks, satins, chiffons; one box is stuffed with op-shopped men’s silk shirts (it was a phase, okay?). Another is my vintage pillowslip collection. I have a plan for them. Eventually. When I have enough.

Fancy stuff.

I have an awful lot of refashions waiting to happen.

Refashion city.

Then there’s the vintage sheets.

Stack o' sheets

But wait, there’s more…

Tub o' sheets

(I did have a plan for making fancy labels for all my storage tubs. Really, I did. But I’m very proud of the fact that I actually sorted through all my stash and worked out what was in each tub. No, I didn’t write directly on the plastic tubs. Packaging tape is a wonderful thing. )

Of course, then there’s the patterns.

(Insert collective noun here)

That’s a mirrored cabinet, so there’s actually less than it looks. I started a pattern gallery to organise them all, so far I have scanned 153 pattern envelopes. That doesn’t take into account all the patterns I have downloaded, or the Burda magazines on this shelf….

Pattern mania.

Not all Burda mags. Several Stitches, some patchwork & craft mags, a couple of gorgeous vintage Golden Hands, and of course some books too!

Just so you know, that clock goes ‘meow’. I wish there was a real cat in my sewing room, but at the moment there’s just a clock that meows. At 6 minutes to the hour. Don’t ask.

So I have a lot of stuff. Luckily I have a space I can spread it all out in. But I could never have too many vintage suitcases.

Suitcases, part 1.

My theory is, if I’m going to have a ridiculous amount of fabric and sewing supplies, I might as well find a pretty way to store them.

Stack o' suitcases.

Amazingly, all of these big ones were roadside finds! Credit to The Style Consultant, who  found three of them. Well, to be honest, the red one was dumped outside an op-shop, so I did give them money for it. But still, saw it on the sidewalk, so it counts!

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into my stash! I’d love to hear about how you keep your sewing/crafting supplies organised.