Technically, he’s on my undies. You see, I finally got around to trying to make my own knickers from a t-shirt. I’m knee-deep in studying for an exam (read: finding ever more creative ways of avoiding study) and I needed a project that was relatively quick to complete.


I used the free ‘hipster’ panty pattern from, but it’s more a full-brief than a hipster. They looked ENORMOUS when I was cutting out the pieces but once I’d put them together they actually fit really well! Probably because regular t-shirt material does not have as much stretch as the stuff normally used to make underwear.

I’d been hoping to score some knicker elastic at the op-shop (I’ve seen it there before) but hadn’t had any luck; so I caved and went and bought some. A lot of the tutorials talk about fold-over elastic, which I found at Lincraft but at over $3/metre I wasn’t really interested. To be honest I was a bit disappointed in their range. Happily, Cleg’s was on my way to the train station and they had some fitted sheet elastic for 40c/m – it behaves exactly the same as foldover elastic, and considering this was an experiment it made economical sense to me! 

I made the bright floral ones first, following the instructions, using some stretch fabric left over from a top I made a while back. (Pre-blog, so no pics of that one sorry!) They have a seam down the centre back because my fabric scraps weren’t quite big enough.

So when the floral ones worked,  I sliced up an Ed Hardy t-shirt, used some tips from this tutorial and made these!


Some beige picot-edge knicker elastic (also from Cleg’s) went perfectly with the dark-brown t-shirt material. There’s enough material left in the t-shirt to make another pair, but I might try making them slightly less Bridget Jones next time around.

Has anyone else had success with home-made undies?