I have a lot of patterns.  203, at last count. Plus the retro one I bought last week at the op shop. Oh, and the one I hadn’t counted as I bought it to make up as a gift. Plus… never mind.

Anyway, lots. I found myself frequently thumbing through them, either for inspiration or looking for a particular pattern I wanted to sew. Some of them are quite old, and had started getting a bit ragged. I decided that something must be done. There’s some ingenious solutions out there, but I wasn’t about to shell out for specialty archive boxes, although I did give quite a bit of thought to archive-safe ziplock bags. Eventually, I came up with a couple of ideas, the first of which I have completed.

Firstly, I scanned each and every pattern envelope, creating a gallery on my computer. I have created a flikr gallery of some of my favourite retro & vintage ones, if you’d like a look. On my computer it looks kinda like this:

Gallery screenshot

Then I went to KMart’s handy photo processing facility and got them all printed up in 8×10. I also bought a photo album – yes, I bought a new one; normally I would have tried to get a used one at the op-shop, but I just hadn’t seen one big enough for my purposes. And this one was kinda pretty.

Photo album

Once I had figured out how I wanted to order the patterns, I slotted them into the album. I did it much like a pattern catalogue one would find at the fabric store – tops, skirts & pants, separates, etc. Some stick-on file tabs and hey presto! My very own pattern gallery. Much easier than thumbing through a couple of cardboard boxes all the time!

Catalogue 1 Catalogue 2

So where are all the actual, physical patterns, I hear you ask? Well, that would be part of Pattern Gallery: Stage 2, which is not quite complete yet. I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, here’s a cute little character to brighten your evening. There’s a little family of these guys living in our roof. (Right above my bedroom. Where they party. At 5am. But they’re so danged cute!!)