It was the littlest makebaker’s birthday earlier this week, so when she flew in from interstate for a visit yesterday, I made her a cake. Any guesses as to what sort of cake it is?

Cake slice

Nope, not banana, although there are fresh banana slices in between the two layers. It’s actually a flourless honey cake. And when I say flourless, I mean totally grain free. And dairy free. Win-win for folks with food intolerances. I used this recipe (you have no idea how close I came to actually throwing my laptop at the wall at this point in the post. Windows 8 is just +##%$##. Grrrr. I can’t actually get it to operate the create link function on WordPress. Not just a WordPress problem. So many things Windows 8 won’t let me do. Okay, I’ll stop now. But Grrrr. Finally resorted to inserting link via iPhone app)

Making a double recipe needs 3 cups of almond meal/flour. I had brazil nut pulp left over from making nut milk (not my fave, to be honest; macadamia milk on the other hand – yum!), so I thought I’d use that, and make almond meal myself using some of the big bag of blanched almonds in the freezer. But I suspect I didn’t leave it long enough to come to room temperature, as it wouldn’t grind finely, but instead ended up something like grains of sand:

So in the end I used a mix of brazil nut pulp, almond ‘sand” and coconut flour. Which brings me to interesting cake diversion/drama number two. I’d popped a jar of coconut oil in warm water so it would liquefy. Which it did. Unfortunately, the jar tipped over and the lid wasn’t completely airtight so I ended up with jar of watery oily coconutty stuff. But since the recipe said to “pour the batter” and my mixture was more like cookie dough, I added some in anyway until the mixture looked more cakelike, then popped it into the pans and into the oven.

Twenty five minutes later, and I was feeling optimistic:

Cake in tins

And indeed, the birthday girl seemed to rather like the end result:

With candle

It’s frosted with a Nuttelex-honey-icing sugar frosting (inspired by the one on comfy belly website, but with loads of icing sugar added).

best eaten on the day if you are using fresh banana as it will go brown – but the birthday girl said she thought fresh strawberries would also go well in or on the cake, and I think she’s right. It would add a nice bit of color too. Of course, I’ll never be able to make this cake exactly the same again, as who knows what the water to oil ratio in that jar was – but I’m very happy I found this recipe. Thanks Erica for sharing over there at Comfy Belly (where you’ll find lots of good recipes if you are following a Paleo/GAPS/SCD or gluten-free diet).