In preparation for an overseas trip later this year, I decided to get up to date with my vaccines. I was all good except for Typhus which had run out a couple of years ago, and I decided to get a flu shot as well. The doctor lady sold me on the oral typhus vaccine, which lasts longer and is more effective. Now you have to take it on an empty stomach, so when the possums had a massive territorial dispute in the ceiling last Sunday morning at 6am, I leapt staggered out of bed and took the first one.

A few hours later I had a bagel for breakfast. A few hours after that my tummy was so upset I went back to bed and pretty much stayed there.  Needless to say, neither the assignment nor the sewing planned for the day went ahead.

But here’s something I prepared earlier! Meet Hilary:

Meet Hilary.

She’s a little shy, but if you wait quietly….


She will come out and say hello.

I made Hilary from a magazine pattern, I won’t mention the name of the mag here because the instructions were pretty frustrating, referring to pattern markings that weren’t on the pattern, things like that. Maybe that was how it came to be in the op shop in the first place…. anyhoo, I managed to muddle through. Ain’t she cute?


She was a gift for some friends of mine who are expecting. I actually finished her a couple of weeks ago, but of course I couldn’t blog her until I had given her to her new owners!

Moo! (or whatever it is hippos say)