G’day all!

The gorgeous Beth over at The Renegade Seamstress is currently hosting a friendly refashion competition:

Refashion Runway1

I did think about trying out – for about a microsecond! I can’t sew to a deadline to save my life, and anyway, I’m about to head overseas for a summer holiday.

But I thought I would try to ‘sew along’ each week. The first week, the challenge theme is ‘Stripes’ which immeadiately brought to mind this striped tee I picked up for a couple of bucks at the opshop:

Striped lace tee

It has these weird lace inserts in the sleeve. At first glance I thought I might be able to wear it as is, but when I tried it on I realised the lace inserts were too small, and didn’t stretch enough, making my arms look like sausages in stockings.

A very simple makeover made this wearable!

Off with the sleeves, and used some black cotton interlock to bind the sleeve edges. Then I used a bit of the sleeve offcut to make a false ‘henley’ detail on the front, and finished with some cute little zebra-stripe buttons.

sleeveless stripes

It’s not nearly as imaginative as the refashions created by the Refashion Runway competitors! Go check them out and vote. I’m having a hard time deciding who to vote for!

Stripey buttons!

I may or may not take this with me on my holiday – yet to do a ‘trial pack’ – yes, I’m a bit pathetic when it comes to preparing for an extended holiday 😉