I’ve been pretty busy preparing for an overseas holiday, so I didn’t have time to really ‘sew-along’ with Week 3 of Refashion Runway. However, this refashion is in line with the copycat theme, so I thought I’d share it.

I started out with this white blazer, which I found at Brotherhood of St Lawrence for $6.

Plain white blazer

It is a stretch material with a woven pinstripe. It was a nice fit on me, just right for this project. I’d been inspired by several structured blazers I’d found on Pinterest, like this one.

No idea where it’s from, unfortunately!

Anyway, I started with the blazer on my dress form, folding and pinning until I liked the shape.

Pinned to shape.

The sleeves are just pinned up out of the way – I’m not going to be making a straightjacket today!

Using a contrasting thread, I basted along the foldline, catching both lining and outer fabric.

Basting stitch.

Then I bravely attacked with scissors!

Snip, snip!The hem I just trimmed off, lining and all. The collar I unpicked, trimmed and folded the ends inside to the new shape. Then I ransacked my stash and came up with just enough chocolate-brown satin ribbon to bind almost all the way around the new hem, lapels and collar. I skipped the collar notch – it would have been difficult anyway, but I didn’t have enough ribbon.

I decided it didn’t look quite finished, but the stash always provides – in this case some brown-with-white-polka-dots ribbon, which I topstitched over the false pocket welts.

Polka-dot pockets!

Some new wooden buttons to replace the white plastic ones and I was done! I think the trimming and new shape give it an almost-steampunky feel, what do you think?


The finish isn’t perfect – the topstitching of the ribbon trim is visible in more than one place, but I’m still pretty happy with the result. I don’t work particularly quickly with my refashions; I envy those ladies who seem to be able to whip up incredible creations in less than an hour, but I just don’t seem to be able to work that way. (Watching Project Runway while I’m working probably doesn’t help though!)

Shoes: thrifted. Top, Brown Sugar, thrifted. Jeans, bought in Peru. Jacket, thrifted, refashioned.

Shoes: thrifted. Top, Brown Sugar, thrifted. Jeans, bought in Peru. Jacket, thrifted, refashioned.

Also, I’m very proud to report that these jeans finally fit me again after about 18 months of too much chocolate and not enough exercise;  I still eat chocolate – (that will never change! Never! NEVEEEERRRR!) – but the exercise has increased dramatically and my general eating habits have improved drastically.  3kg gone!

White blazer 3