I’d been trying to figure out a way to package a little sewing kit for my travels. You never know, I might find something to refashion on the road – but I couldn’t fit Ms Janome in my backpack!
When I saw a couple of pretty vintage glasses cases in Vinnies for $2 each, I was inspired!

Inside, before!

With a bit of tracing paper and a pencil I mocked up a pattern to make a lining piece.


After trying it out, I snipped some corners to adjust the fit, then sewed a single-fold narrow hem around the outer edges. Another fitting, to work out where all my bits & bobs would sit. I handsewed those little bits of felt onto the liner to be my needle & pin keepers, as well as a bit of ribbon to hold my little thread spools.


Then I used some fabric-friendly glue to stick the liner into the case, and walked away to let it dry. Actually, I didn’t walk away. I stayed in my sewing room to work on something else. More on that later!


Then when the glue dried I just added the rest of the essentials! Scissors, stitch ripper, a couple of scraps of iron-on interfacing (handy for mending), a piece of cord (you never know) and a miniature tape measure that I whipped up on my printer & covered in sticky tape.


It did get used on the trip – I hemmed a pair of pants and used the red cord on a handbag refashion (again, more on that later!).

Just to make you jealous, here’s some mist-shrouded Mayan ruins:

Tikal, Belize

Tikal, Belize