So, I’m in San Francisco. I’m enjoying a holiday in the US and deliberately set aside a couple of spare days in SF cos everyone says it’s so awesome. That, and everyone also says the thrift shops are awesome.
They’re right!
Today I headed off to Mission district to hit to hit a couple of shops I had heard about. When I walked into the Salvos I thought ‘oh, it’s mostly furniture’:

But then I  walked a bit further into the store:

No worries!

AND, it was half-price sale day!! I picked up an awesome red suede jacket for only $7.50 – I was so excited I literally jumped up and down in the fitting room.

Here’s one I didn’t buy – a lovely vintage Brother sewing machine.

Then it was off to Community Thrift, although I did happen upon Buffalo Exchange on the way down Valencia Street – a sort of high-fashion secondhand clothing store. Lots of lovely stuff and mostly reasonable prices, but nothing that really grabbed me.
Community Thrift – where you check your bags at the entry and recieve a lanyard with your bag number – was physically smaller but just as packed with goodies. It was also having a half-price sale, can you believe it? Hilariously, it doesn’t have fitting rooms, so people were stripping off in the aisles to try things on. Luckily my desired items were a dress and a t-shirt which I was able to just chuck on over my clothes. Of course, when i checked my bag i also checked my camera, so managed to not get any pics of the shop.
Finally it was off to Thrift Town, which I have read about in many a refashion blog.

This place kind of blew my mind – I think I was actually a bit overloaded at this point! There was so much stuff it was kinda hard to know where to start. I managed though.

Here’s the complete hall for the day:

(Ignore my backpack in the top right there – that, i already owned!)

I haven’t added up my spend, but the prices were really good. Luckily most of this bounty doesn’t have to fit in my bag – I’ll be sending my self a package.
I also spotted a Goodwill a couple of blocks from the Hostel so hopefully I’ll be able to hit that before I leave too. And then of course at the end of the trip there’s Seattle, made famous for thrift shopping by Macklemore! Wish me luck!