And by that I mean the way the quilt grew and shaped itself as I worked. This is my 4th or possibly 5th cot-sized quilt, and all of them have been patternless projects. Granted, the first few I used block patterns – here’s one from a few years ago, pre-blog.

jack straw_4

Then there was this one, which was all about recycled fabrics, but the process was an organic one where I had a bunch of odd squares and rectangles and had to fit them together. There’s probably a name for this, maybe it’s crazy patchwork, but I always thought that referred to non-geometric shapes? This was more like tetris.

This latest quilt – which was given in conjunction with Hilary The Hippo – also happened mostly by accident. I had two things: a roll of fat quarters in co-ordinated prints which I’d gotten on sale some time ago, and a yen to try the stack-and-slash method.

So I read a few tutorials, then blithely set about stacking & slashing. Then I went, oops. I was supposed to layer calico in between the printed squares.


Sorry about the quality – phone camera + poor light = crap photo!

See those big blocks? They’re supposed to be about twice as wide. Luckily, I’d started out by trimming down the fat quarters into 12″ squares, so I had some fabric left to work with. I did the stack&slash thing properly this time – notice the three wide bands, that’s how it’s supposed to look! I had freaked out a bit and forgotten to take more pictures of the process, but here’s how it ended up.


I had this great piece of chocolate-brown polka dot that I wanted to use for the backing, but of course it wasn’t quite bit enough. So in the true spirit of patchwork I used the last pieces of the prints, and some bits of blocks that hadn’t been used on the front, to make it fit.


Yeah, maybe it looks a bit ‘homemade’. And my quilting it pretty average – don’t look too closely at the wrinkles, please! But I like it. And apparently so did my giftees, which makes me happy.