Hello friends! Well, you may have noticed there has been a bit of a hiatus in the refashioning stakes lately. This has been due to an interstate move. Most of my belongings are now in storage, including the majority of my stash… sigh. Still, I kept out a few choice potential refashions, and the trusty Ms Janome made the road trip with me. So, in fact, did Suzanne:


I did get an odd look from the friendly copper who stopped me for a random breath test.

Eldest sibling kindly made her spare room available to me, so I have a temporary home until I decide where I would like to hang my hat. So many trendy suburbs…. wait, I’m not trendy. I’ll have to find a suitably daggy suburb. One where I could wear this:

Laura Ashley much?

Aaaargh! How 80’s is this little number. I liked the fabric though (a crisp rayon) and the pleat detail across the bodice. And the label:


It’s got chocolate in it, so it has to be good.

I actually started this one some months ago, but you know how it is… you realise you’re going to have to do something fairly complicated (in this case, re-setting the back zipper) so you set it aside in favour of something more instantly gratifying. Unfortunately I didn’t take many pictures of the process of this one, so I’ll just describe it as best I can.

First of all I hacked off a fair bit of length. Then I chopped off the sleeves and put it it onto Suzanne inside-out to make some adjustments. I took off quite a bit around the armholes to give the bodice a new look. I did consider adding short sleeves back in but decided against it.

I realised at this point that like many dresses on me, there was waaay too much material at the centre back neck – if I stood up straight it poked out about 2 inches! So that was when I decided to do something else for a while.

The dress did sit on Suzanne for a couple of days, so I did at one point even out the hem once it had hung for a while. It’s a fairly full skirt so getting the hem even was a little fiddly!

I unpicked the top 15cm of the zip, folded the excess back and re-sewed the zip. I had to add a little bust dart at the front armhole, which I ingeniously managed to hide under one of the wide pleats. I used one of the sleeves to make some bias binding to finish the armhole edges, and a strip from the other sleeve to make some belt loops to sew on around the waist.


If you can see how the bottom pleat looks a little wonky, that’s where I hid the bust dart.

I did have to periodically stop and play with my new sewing assistant, Zuki.


But eventually I managed to produce this!


I think the contrast belt really makes it. I’ve tried a couple of different ones and it works with black too. Looking forward to wearing this to work!

Floral Dress 2