Well, after last week’s rather epic creation I decided I needed to do something simple. Of course, when I start out with a project that seems simple, it rarely ends up that way. Still, this t-shirt refashion was quick and easy and satisfied my refashioning addiction for another week!

It all started when a colleague of mine wore a top similar to this one to work one day.

Of course I couldn’t find a picture of her actual top!! But it was pretty similar, the main differences being a round neckline rather than the boatneck above, and a couple of triangular-shaped inserts of black fabric each side at the waist.

With that in mind, I pulled these two shirts out of the refashion pile.


Firstly, I tried on the grey top, marked my waist, and chopped it.


Then I chopped the band off the bottom of the blue top. I measured it against the circumference of the grey top, and took the sides of the grey top in a little so they matched – if I’d stretched the blue band to fit, it would have gone all poochy. Then I sewed them together using my serger.


Then I took the tube that was the bottom portion of the grey shirt, and cut it apart at the side seams. The blue top was chopped up some more as well, removing the binding at the top edge which resulted in an interesting shape, because of the gathers at the neckline.

The front of the blue shirt was separated from the back, and the front cut in half up the centre line. Then I attached those two pieces to the sides of the lower-front piece of the grey shirt.


Hmmm. Looks like wings. Bear with me.

With a lot of pins and a measuring tape, I worked out how much gap I would have left around the band, then did some creative chopping to the final piece of the grey shirt.


The outer edges of that wedge shape were seamed to the outer edges of the blue inserts, forming a sort of floppy funnel-shape. Not easy to see in the picture, sorry.


I decided I didn’t want the blue band at the lower edge of the bodice so wide, so I cut that down a bit.Then I put the peplum section inside-out around the bodice and sewed them together.


The reason I hadn’t trimmed the blue bits yet was because they wouldn’t be a straight line across, due to the fullnes. So I enlisted Suzanne to model for me so I could get the hem adjusted.


I did make a miscalculation at the joining point of the blue insert and the original hem of the grey shirt at the back, but we won’t talk about that.


So, the end result looks completely different to my inspiration! But, I didn’t really want to be wearing the same shirt as my colleague, after all.



And it definitely needs an iron!!