Hello friends! It appears that Christmas has once again come and gone, leaving us all feeling like we probably ate a wee bit too much. The best part about this time of year though is spending time with loved ones and I’m very happy to have been able to catch up with both family and friends over the last couple of weeks. One of my dearest friends from interstate was in town and was able to come over for afternoon tea, so I decided to try out a vegan cupcake recipe.

This recipe for Maple Cupcakes from godairyfree.org seemed like a fairly simple one so I gave it a go. I followed the recipe exactly, the only difference was I used rice bran oil instead of sunflower oil.


I didn’t follow their frosting recipe though, instead just making a basic frosting with vegan margarine, coconut butter, icing sugar, a splash of maple syrup and a dash of vanilla. My frosting was a bit soft, but might have firmed up if I’d refrigerated it for a bit. They didn’t get a chance – they got et.


I added the pecans in a fit of decorating frenzy. (When I say ‘frenzy’, it was more like a vague thought process culminating in ‘pecans would look cute’. Not really that frenzied.)

I highly recommend these cupcakes, they were dead easy to make and turned out fantastic – light and fluffy and, more importantly, a hit with our guests!

I hope you all had a lovely festive season and got to spend time with your loved ones. Stay safe while partying into the new year – see you in 2014!