Hello gentle readers. I am afraid I have been very lax this month and have not posted in a couple of weeks. No excuses really; I have been working on a couple of projects, and have some results to post, but haven’t managed to take any photos of the finished products!

In the refashioning stakes, this week’s efforts consisted of the hemming of several pairs of jeans. I’m a bit of a shortie and it’s rare for me to find trousers the right length! Apparently, if you’re a size 14 in the waist or hip area, you must also be six feet tall. Sadly, there are no Valkyries in my genetic heritage, and I’m only 163cm. (You spend less time ducking under stuff, though. There’s always a silver lining.)

Anyway, I decided it was high time I had a go at the jeans hem where you keep the original hem. I had a look at a couple of tutorials, but this was the one I found easiest to follow. (There’s plenty of tutorials out there, so I won’t bore you with another one.)


I was so enthused I did three pairs that way! The other pair (second from the top in the picture) I had already taken up previously, but grossly miscalculated the new hem, so I had to take them up some more.

Jeans HemPlease excuse my enormous hobbit feet.

I did do a spot of baking too. I’m the nominated birthday cake provider at my workplace, which is great because I can test out all sorts of recipes (like the Chocolate Coconut Cake) and not have to have cake in my house for days. (Because, as I’m sure everyone knows, cake in the house = cake in the tummy. Nom nom nom.)

The lucky birthday person this time is quite health-conscious, so I whipped up this Gluten-Free Carrot Cake.


I followed the recipe exactly, no changing of any ingredients. Thanks go to Kylie for the supply of some gluten free flours and for separating & beating the eggs for me!


The cake was well-received and got many compliments. The birthday person went back for seconds, and took the last couple of pieces home for his family!

Now, I’m off to read some more of House of Estrela‘s January Refashion Month Series, which I only discovered today!

I’m excited about reading this series; some of the contributors are known to me but others are new, so I’m really looking forward to finding a whole new bunch of blogs to stalk read!

Have a happy Australia Day everyone!