I found this awesome Hawaiian-print cotton sundress at Vinnie’s for $7.


It was huge though. I didn’t even try it on, just went ‘Yeessss!’ and threw it in my basket. Look! Pockets!


The neckline and sleeves were nicely finished with facings so I decided to take a different approach in smallerizing the top part of the dress.


The shoulder straps were really wide, so I folded them in half and darted out a couple of centimetres, taking the dart down almost the depth of the armhole at the front and back.


Then I stitched along that line, and pressed it flat – it sat perfectly. I was so happy!

Of course, I wanted to keep the pockets, so taking in the side seams was not quick – I unpicked the pockets from the side seams, trimmed the sides down, and re-sewed the seams with the pockets. It had been a while since I had done a side-seam pocket, but I managed! As usual though, I got a bit carried away and forgot to take pictures of this bit.

Now the original bust dart was pretty generous, so when I let that out and put in a Laura-sized bust dart, the front of the dress was a few centimeters longer than the back! ooops. Now, it would have been easy to chop the front the match the back, but the fact was it was a pretty short skirt already. So I managed to salvage some strips from the side seams to lengthen the back.


It’s still a little short, but I’ll  happily wear it as a beach coverup. In cooler weather it might look cute with tights, boots and a denim jacket.


It was sunny last week when I made this dress, although it is raining now, but still warm and humid.  Props to any readers in the northern hemisphere undergoing snowstorms – stay safe!