Cream jacket

Last year sometime I went on a road trip through some country towns. As all op-shop-fanatics know, you can find some crazy bargains in the tiniest of country op shops. When I left home I had a list of op shops and their opening times and a schedule of which order I should attack them in. (I like me a list!)

And so it was at the Red Cross shop in Wangaratta I found this boxy blouse in a heavy cream polyester. It’s main redeeming feature was the draped collar. Also, it was on the sale rack.


I held onto it for a while, but I was pretty sure I knew what I wanted to do with it. When the weather started to get cooler I decided the time was right to make it into a lightweight draped jacket.

First of all I chopped off some of the length.


Then I made a bunch of pleats in some strategic spots at that new lower edge.


I pinned those pleats, then stay-stitched them. Using the offcut piece of material, I fashioned a band which got sewn onto that bottom edge.

As usual, I forgot to take pictures of the middle of the refashion. Sorry, guys. I chopped the sleeves as well at the three-quarter mark and gave them a nice wide hem.

I still had the original buttons and buttonholes at the front of the shirt which didn’t look all that pretty. I removed the buttons and used the sleeve cuffs, salvaged from the sleeve offcuts, to make little epaulette thingies to cover up the buttonholes.


And that was it! I think I’m getting better at these on-the-fly refashions. I tend to dither a lot, but this time I managed to stay focused.


I have worn this once already and received a few compliments! I’m still working out what it goes with in my wardrobe though đŸ™‚


Because I’m daggy, I want to share this one with you as well. I have this little table-top ironing board, which is the handiest thing EVER in my sewing room.


As you can see, the cover is getting a bit grotty. Sadly this cover is actually stapled to the board so I couldn’t just take it off to wash it. To be honest, it wasn’t that attractive anyway. I decided to make a new cover!

I turned the board upside down on some cute fabric and drew around it.


Leaving a wide allowance, I cut that out, then folded over the edge and sewed to make a casing.


Then I threaded some narrow elastic through that casing.


I fitted the new cover over the board and pulled the elastic tight, then tied it off.


(See that price tag? Three bucks! Thanks, Vinnies!)

After that, because I still had some of that fabric, and also because I am a total nerd, I did the same thing to my little sleeve pressing board.


Cute, isn’t it? It gets cuter.


Wait til you see the two of them together.


Awwwww. What a cute couple.