I have been a bit lax with the posts, haven’t I? The fact is, I have had heaps of projects on the go – but quite a few of them haven’t turned out. Sad face. I haven’t even had any amazing finds at the op shop (well, except for the pie dish I found for my sister, but really… it wasn’t exciting enough to post.)

Then to top it all off, I got my overlocker out to use on a very simple project, only to find it kind of … doesn’t… work. I googled the fault; not a lot on the internet about a Huskylock 435, but the few I found with a similar fault all said they ended up taking it to the fix-it shop. Sigh. So that project went on the back burner, too.

So, being all frustrated at my lack of success – and lacking a bit of creativity, too, at the moment – I decided to fall back on some mending.

I picked up this fine merino thermal on my overseas trip last year. It was cold in San Francisco, and this was on the sale rack!


You can see the big runs in the elbows and the frayed edge of the sleeve cuff.

I’ve been admiring all the beautiful Alabama Chanin creations exploding all over the internet. Amazing what you can do with two layers of cotton jersey and a needle and thread.

Anyway, I wasn’t going to attempt anything quite so glamorous with my daggy little thermal top. I don’t even really know the techniques – I don’t have the book, I’ve just looked at loads of pictures.

I remembered some stretch fabric left over from a top I made a couple of years ago, a whacky purple floral that I adored (and I wear the top all the time!) that would perfectly complement the purple thermal. One line of running stitches didn’t seem quite robust enough for me, so I enhanced it with a second line of running stitches and some decorative blanket stitching in a varigated embroidery floss I dug out of The Stash.


Now I have cute little elbow patches! (oh, yeah, you’re not imagining it. Top left there is a pink, heart-shaped clock with a picture of Jensen Ackles as the face. There’s a guy who knows what time it is.)

There was another couple of small runs on the left sleeve there, but they were very narrow so I just seamed them out.Oh, and please don’t look too closely at the mending on the cuff – it was meant to look rustic but it just looks like a 5-year-old did it. Ah well.


And just so you know I’ve not been just locked away in my sewing room moaning about all my failures, here’s what I did on the weekend.

photo 2

No, I’m not wearing my karate uniform in the picture, but I was when I won those medals I’m wearing!