Hi guys!

Well the main reason for the dearth of recent posts is THIS:


Thank you to the BBC for deciding this was a good idea! To promote the new Doctor, played by the craggy yet handsome Peter Capaldi, the first episode was screened in select venues around the world, followed by a Q&A with Peter and Jenna Coleman (the Doctor’s current companion, Clara). I was beside myself with excitement when I realised Sydney was on the tour itinerary! Literally; I was reading my emails at work and this popped up. I actually grabbed my computer screen with both hands and yelled ‘oh my GAWD!!!!!’ – to the utter bemusement of my collegues in the open-plan office where I work.

After several urgent texts back and forth with my sister, we decided that yes, it was worth the slightly pricey tickets. And as I said in one of those messages, ‘the question is not will I go, but what will I WEAR?’

And so I set myself yet another nigh-impossible dressmaking deadline.

I was going to cover all the process and construction, but that post was leaning towards ‘bigger on the inside’, so for now let’s just have a big reveal!

Coat 1

The Gallifreyan Coat





(These photos were taken at work, just before I headed off to the premier.)

So, what does it all mean?

Coat 2

I used a neat little app I found on Googleplay to translate into Gallifreyan symbols.


Time And Relative Dimension In Space

The other sleeve says ‘Gallifrey Falls No More’. Awwww.


Martha Jones, Amy and Rory, Jack Harkness

Yeah, I named a bunch of the Doctor’s companions on there.


And that’s River Song up there over a TimeLord’s second heart.

I’m not going to lie. The couching and embroidery took FOREVER. There was a point at which I really wasn’t sure if I was going to get it done. I had to fly interstate one weekend – to Perth – which is a five-hour flight. I packed needle and thread in my carryon and hoped it was okay to travel. Thankfully it was, and I sewed for the whole flight. Needless to say there were quite a few late nights in the leadup to the big event.

I was sewing on the buttons at lunchtime on show day. Oh! The buttons! Big thanks to my mate Steve at work who burned his fingers making these buttons for me. They were plain gold (well, plastic gold), but with the help of some tiny printouts of the TARDIS and some heatshrink, they became TARDIS buttons!


The starry print is the lining fabric. I actually bought that new – shock horror, I know, I bought something new? But I didn’t have anything that worked. And the Doctor always wants to show people the stars, so I thought I could just have some with me.

I would have used this, but there wasn’t enough. So I just used it for the pockets. Thanks, Allison!


But I made it! Hooray! Thanks to Kylie for supporting my geekery and taking some piccies.

At the beautiful State Theatre in Sydney. After the show, I got as close to the TARDIS as security would allow.


No, not very close at all. Not to worry. I went to the popup shop on the weekend.


Wearing my Dalek beanie! (Thanks again, Allison 🙂 It was raining, and I didn’t want to risk The Coat getting wet. Hence my incredibly attractive army-green rain jacket.

I’ll follow this up with another post about materials and construction. For now, to any Whovians reading this, Capaldi is gonna be a great Doctor, and that first episode is a cracker!! (Oh, and Adam Spencer was a hilarious host as always. Although that crack about Prince Charles may have gone a teeny bit too far…..)


PS. Did anyone catch the Bowie reference in the blog title? How awesome would it be if Bowie ever did a cameo on Doctor Who!!!