So. There was this challenge. On The Monthly Stitch. The challenge was ‘Check It Out’. No worries, I thought. I’ve got this big old orange plaid skirt I paid $5 for, never worn, been wasting away in the refashion pile.


Also, I thought, ideal time to try out one of the free patterns from SpitUp&Stilettos. (Yeah sorry, I really don’t like that blog name. But that’s what they’re called.) I like a boxy top and I thought I might be able to squeeze the Atalia Top out of this skirt, with a little help from some leftover bits of a terrifyingly 80’s power dress:


Wearing it with flipflops really works, doesn’t it??

I had previously turned the top half of this horror into a cute cropped jacket, but never managed to take any decent pictures. So I was left with most of the skirt to work with, and the colour matched perfectly with the orange plaid.

Meanwhile, back at Lauraville, other challenges were underway: namely, a karate seminar and tournament, for which I travelled interstate. (Oh, woe is me, I had to go to sunny central QLD where it’s practically still tropical. It was snowing in parts of NSW, that same week. I was certainly not complaining about the heat 🙂


Anyway, I won that particular challenge and have been selected for the National Team. Go me.

To round out the month I then had a week’s holiday up at the home place.


Now, I took a sewing kit with me. I had a week of absolutely nothing but hanging out in the bush, miles from town, with my Mum & my sister, but do you think I even looked at the sewing? Nope. My mum has pay tv. And that means an endless supply of Stargate, Doctor Who and Antiques Roadshow. No sewing. I was a total couch potato.

Needless to say, I got back from my holiday, got back to work, got back to training, started the plaid shirt but didn’t finish it before the end of the challenge month. Le sigh. I’ll share it with you anyway.

So last Friday I cued up a couple of episodes of Arrow and spread my fabric all over the loungeroom floor.


Not really all that bothered with the grainlines, am I? Not when I’m refashioning, no, I’m not. If it makes you feel better, I lined the yoke. The orange fabric was a bit lighter than the wool-blend plaid so I used some of the skirt lining to stabilise the yoke.I used the sausage roll technique.


Makes it look nice and tidy on the inside, too.

The top was pretty simple. I had some trouble with the placket – the instructions I found a little confusing and the diagrams were not much help. (Searching for tutorials did lead me to some interesting discoveries about the SU&S patterns, though.)

And then I messed up the button placements. I wanted to use five buttons, because mine were smaller than the ones recommended, so I re-measured the spacings and did the buttonholes before putting the rest of the shirt together, following the instructions. But I missed the bit that said ‘now cut off 5/8″ from around the neckline edge’. Whaaaat? Why would you do that? Why isn’t the pattern, the pattern? Why am I cutting bits off my garment at this point? Shouldn’t the pattern JUST HAVE THAT NECKLINE ALREADY????

Okay. I’m okay now. Luckily I hadn’t cut the buttonholes, just stitched them. So I was able to unpick a couple of buttonholes and reposition them, and I only ended up with four buttons. It still looks a bit wonky, and my necklines don’t match at the top either. The pattern instructions (which by this point were getting the stinkeye, bigtime) called for bias binding, but I didn’t have enough material to make bias. I was able to squeeze out a narrow facing though, so I did that.

How cute are my plaid buttons??

How cute are my plaid buttons??

After all of that, though, I quite like the end result!



So what do you think? Is the plaid bad? Or is the plaid rad? (I just had about twelve terrible rhymes run through my mind, but I won’t torture you with them. Bwahahahahaaaa.)