And if you haven’t seen this, you don’t know what you’re missing:

Seriously though, I do actual active things in my active wear, and if you’ve followed the blog at all you might recall the time I did the Burdastyle Activewear Course. It was a good course and if you want to get into sewing with stretch fabric, I recommend it as a good starting point.

After the course I went and bought miles of stretch fabrics, most of which has been languishing in the cupboard for quite some time. Finally, I got around to redrafting a pattern for a sports crop top, and making it up in a couple of the groovier fabrics I’d found.

Croptop collage

First up was the blue not-quite-animal print. It fits okay around the bust but the shoulder straps are too long, it looks snug but does not provide enough support.

As a practice run, though, it was a great success. I sewed the first side seam and then moaned for a few minutes because I’d messed up the tension and it was too loose…. then I realised something.


Croptop Collage 2I’d flatlocked it.

Completely by accident, and back to front, but I had!

I scribbled down those tension numbers right away, then finished that top and started the next one, this time in a bright geometric print with a contrast side panel. I’d found the bra had too much room in the front armhole, so I created a side-front panel and took a little wedge out of that seam. I got the flatlocking round the right way this time. Looks almost professional!


As you can see it could probably do with a little more taken out.


Both tops were lined in the front with white powernet. In the photo above it looks like only the side panel was lined, but I assure you it was the whole front.

I did the edge finishes in two different ways. For the blue bra, I sewed elastic directly onto the fabric edge, stretching it a little as I went, just using a zigzag stitch. Then I folded it to the inside, and stitched it down – armholes with a zigzag again, and the neckline with a twin needle. This was an experimental piece after all, I just really wanted to see what various finishes were going to look like.


On the green/geoprint top, I used a binding of the same fabric as the side panel, basically the same way you’d normally do a contrast binding, only stretching the binding as I sewed as I would have with elastic.


The lower edge elastics on both were done the same way as the blue top’s armholes, only using a wider (and fairly strong) elastic.

The geo-print top has better support than the blue one, but still seems a little long in the shoulder strap area, so the pattern will have to undergo at least one more permutation! Maybe I’ll finally get around to making some tights…

Have you tried sewing activewear? I’d love to hear what patterns you may have tried!