So it took quite a while, but I finally finished my Cooper Backpack!


This is from Colette Patterns – I’ve had the pattern for a while, but it has taken some time to gather the supplies. For instance, this awesome pineapple-print cotton canvas was purchased in Japan in 2017 (read about that haul right here) . I bought the fabric with a bag in mind, but I needed the perfect lining.

Enter Voodoo Rabbit! A few months ago this gorgeous pineapple cotton appeared on my instagram feed and I basically leapt from my chair shouting ‘hooray’ – it was exactly what I wanted!! It is Oasis Pineapples Blue By Timeless Treasures and it is still available in their shop. Most of the hardware for this bag is also from Voodoo Rabbit – they have a great range of bagmaking supplies. The blue webbing was actually from my 2018 Japan fabric haul, though. Like I said, it took a while to gather the supplies!

The Cooper can theoretically be made as a backpack, messenger bag or satchel. Orginally I was aiming for the messenger bag, as I love wearing cross-body bags, but as I got further along the bagmaking process I realized it would be much too big for me to comfortably carry that way. So I did have to unpick a few inches of the side seams to add in the backpack straps and top handle, but that was actually pretty easy.


The pattern uses contrast fabric for some of the panels, but I wanted it to be pineapples all the way. So to break up the print a little, I used some yellow tonal print (a fat quarter found at The Fabric Cave for about $1) to make some bias strips, and added some flat piping in a couple of the seams and around the top flap and the sewn-on feature straps.

I also didn’t have quite enough of the blue strapping, but luckily I had some pieces of pineapple canvas leftover. A few inches of that, padded with some light cotton batting, added onto the ends of the webbing, created the top sections of the straps.

There was barely a few square inches of the lining fabric leftover too!

You can see I had to piece the lining of the flap to make a big enough piece! Luckily I had this blue tonal print in my stash – it worked perfectly there and for some of the pocket linings and inner pockets, too. I used a teeny scrap of pinapple lining to bind the top of that inner pocket. Cute!

It’s a pretty roomy bag – definately too big for me to carry as a messenger bag!

It is a little ‘floppy’ too – I think it could have done with a bit of interfacing to stabilise the main bag walls. However I am pretty stoked with the end result – I think it looks amazing! And it’s definately an eye-catcher of a bag!

I think I have caught the bag-making bug – it has been a while since I made any bags (apart from some zippered pouches as Christmas gifts) and I had forgotten how very satisfying it could be. I discovered a pile of great bag patterns on Craftsy (some free ones there too!) so I’m off to have a peruse of those. I have another backpack in mind, but I’m looking for the perfect pattern as this one is going to be even more special than the Pineapple Bag. Do you have any favourite bag patterns, or designers? I’d love to hear your thoughts – please leave me a comment below!