The MakeBakeSisters are:


The big sister of the MakeBake trio. I love to bake, particularly bread. I love books, especially books about baking and bread (oh and food history, too). Beyond those constants of flour, yeast and the oven, I run, swim and cycle and am currently training for my first half-Ironman triathlon. In the gaps between all of that and working, sleeping and eating, I try to squeeze in some knitting, sewing, photography and balcony gardening here and there.


Middle sister! I love to try new recipes but don’t do it often because it’s too depressing when my notoriously limited-diet family refuse to eat stuff I make. I spent several years scrapbooking, then discovered digital scrapping. So now I do only a little traditional scrapping, because I digitally scrap photos long before I get around to printing them for traditional scrapping. I enjoy papercrafting and cardmaking, and these days do more sewing on paper than on fabric. Still, I drive a sewing machine with confidence and I crochet with a skill that thoroughly impresses anyone who knows absolutely nothing about crochet. Oh, and I write (largely unpublished) fiction – or at least, I did when I had time and energy for it, and hope to one day again. And I read Tarot cards (no interaction with evil forces involved).


I’m the youngest! Yes, in fact, the ‘baby’ of the family, but only Mum is allowed to say so. I dabble in various types of crafting, I love baking, and I have been known to stay up to the wee hours slaving over a hot sewing machine. I’m a keen op-shopper, and I especially enjoy trying new and different ways to recycle the bargains I find thereof. I also have a karate habit which I intend to continue until I am the only competitor in the over-70’s division at the world championships.


We respect the copyright of others and hope that those who visit makebakesisters will do the same. Please do not publish or post our recipes, patterns, photographs or other original material without asking us first.

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3 Responses to “About”

  1. Christine Says:

    A Canadian is now following your stories. Looking forward to seeing bread and cakes recipes.

    1. KylieJean Says:

      Welcome! I think you can safely anticipate both – Between the three of us there is a lot of cakemaking and I love breadmaking….

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