It’s possible that I spend too much time (and too much money) in op shops. Possible…. but of the many things I could be addicted to (like chocolate) it’s one of the more harmless. Oh, wait, I am addicted to chocolate. Oops.

Anyway, I have collected some great buttons at op shops, so I thought, it being Buy Nothing New Month, I would share some of them with you on here.

These ones cost me $2 at Vinnies (which Vinnies, I can’t remember!) They are about 4.5cm across. I had trouble getting a picture that really showed the colour, but they are a groovy greeny-brown that’s almost translucent in the crater in the corner.


These gold ones only cost me a couple of bucks too. They are about 3cm long and there is six of them. They aren’t all plastic, either, as I first thought when I bought them – only the shank part is plastic, the rest is metal (probably aluminium, but I don’t care!)

A random collection of black buttons. The bigger the better, I say – that sucker has a diameter of 4.4cm!

The next random collection is neutral tones. These weren’t all purchased in the same lot, though – the matching ones were paired up and the others were singled out. I’m thinking about painting or otherwise decorating the big cream ones.

The stripy one is not wood, although it looks it in this pic. It is actually plastic, and an educated source tells me it could in fact be Bakelite. Who doesn’t love Bakelite?

Then there’s these ones:

My faves in this lot are the middle one, and the carved stripy one (again, possibly Bakelite!)

And of course these little cuties. There’s 15 of them.

So even though I totally blew out Buy Nothing New Month by going on a shopping spree at the factory outlet centre, I am determined to go 30 days without buying anything new that I couldn’t get secondhand. Wish me luck!




A couple more small things I made recently.

Both are from instructions found free online. Wonderful world.

First, a box bag from the instructions the blog Make it Modern. Hers was a tiny pouch, I made mine with larger rectangles (8×10″ I think) as I wanted it to be big enough to use as a knitters project bag. I had promised one in a swap so had to come up with the goods! The zip length listed in the instructions was plenty long enough for a larger pouch. Some of it gets cut off.

The only changes I made were that I made the corner cut-offs larger than pattern because my pouch was larger, and I french-seamed the long seam at the bottom of the pouch. I know, I’m fussy, but I don’t like raw seams. It’s a lined pouch but it still has raw seams because of the construction. However, the construction is really simple so it’s the price you pay.’

Oh, and I added a handle. You put it in when seaming the cut-off corners.

My other project, also for a swap, was this six inch pincushion from Polka Dot Pineapple. I pretty much just followed the instructions on this one. It’s cute. The button I picked up from a loose lot at my local newsagent/haberdashery. Didn’t know it was for a pincushion at the time, but it was just perfect.

Here’s a bag I made from charm squares. I bought a pack of 4 1/2″ charm squares from Iddy Biddy Cottage – oops. I just went there to get the link. The pack I bought is no longer listed but there’s a whole bunch of new themed packs of FQs, charm squares or strips. Oh dear. This is dangerous.

Then I used the tutorial from Mad Quilter to make this bag.

Then I sent it to a new home!

Here’s a nice website with loads of patterns for sale, and some free ones too. A rather nice free handbag pattern if you sign up to the site. It was tricky though. I signed up to the newsletter, which earns some free ebooks. Then when I went to download the purse pattern, which I think was one of the ebooks, I had to open an account (free, no probs)… but then I couldn’t find the purse again to download it. I finally got it simply by going into my history and backtracking to the right page, where I was able to download it because I’d become a member.

But it might be simpler if you know to just keep the freebies page open, and open yourself another page to join up if you haven’t already.

I just checked and the free ebooks can be accessed again by going to your ‘confirm your newsletter subscription’ email, and clicking to confirm. That takes you to the free ebooks page. Goodness knows what confirming your subscription more than once does, though LOL.


You Can Make This

It has other crafts besides sewing, too.

Here is a scarf I recently finished. I made it for another Ravelry member via the Work For Yarn thread. The yarn is Ixchell Baby Shetland/Angora Bunny fingering weight, hand dyed by Charly at Ixchellbunny. Check out her blog for the yumy blingy fibre and wool she released recently!

The pattern is Three Sisters Scarves # Three (which I thought very appropriate for blogging here) and is available free here on Ravelry.

So, here’s the scarf in it’s final glory. I’ll put progress pics on the other side of the click-for-more link if you are interested, or you can check out my Rav project page here.

I have entered this scarf in Ixchell’s February Competition. You can go to this thread on Rav and vote for your favourite entry. Which I hope will be mine as I could win some yummy yarn. But in honesty there are such gorgeous things entered, I was floored to notice yesterday that I was equal first in love-clicks! Alas I have since been headed off by a jaw-dropping wedding shawl. But it’s nice to see that my work is considered worth voting for, especially amoungs such inspiring entries. Very encouraging.

Scarf in a Tree (more…)

A quick word – check out my knitmeter. Over one and a quarter kilometres! And that’s not even counting some of the stuff I”ve pulled out…

I can officially knit further than I can run. Okay, I can knit faster than I can run too. Because I can’t run at all.

A link – check out this site for bag (and shoe!) patterns.  Gorgeous range and the prices are reasonable too.

I Think Sew

That is all, return to other methods of frittering your time away.

I can’t post for the rest of this week, and I happen to know that the other makebakesisters are fairly busy this week also. So here’s a little light entertainment for you. Kinda silly, harmless fun.

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