I made a birthday card on the Cricut the other day. I downloaded the shape file after finding it in theย  SCAL forum, but I don’t have the direct website addy to hand as it’s on the laptop which is occupied by son doing schoolwork.

The papers are Basic Grey Figgy Pudding. Isn’t it cute? Here (in blurryย  form) are the bits cut out, before I stuck it all together with glue and foam tape (foam to lift the birdie up, you can see it already on the under-birdie). I left the branch ends unstuck so they could bend up a bit, and added some tiny alpha stickers.


A while back I posted a sheep card I had made. I thought he was pretty cute. Well, recently I needed something handmade to offer as a swap item. And I also got a Cricut for my birthday! (Hmm, should post a pic of that baby too.)

So, after a quick visit to the SureCutsaLot forum for a scalloped circle, and a little play on the sureCuts software to make the circle into a folding card, I used my cricut to cut out a small flock of sheep. The rest or the features I still made by hand – the faces, ears and legs are all cut from black card and glued or foam taped in place, and the faces and hoof-splits are drawn on with white pen.

Sheep. Gotta love em. Pigs would be cute too.

Sheep, flat out!


It was a busy week at work, an INSANELY busy week, which had lots of departments doing lots of extra hours above and beyond. So, of course, on the weekend, I baked.

The certain persons made a massive contribution to getting the project together, so I decided to make some slightly more exotic cafe-style cookies to show my appreciation.

Both recipes were from this book, which as cookbooks go is pretty elegant. I made the Blueberry & Almond Cookies:

And, because as we all know, one batch of cookies is never enough, I made the Lime & Sour Cream Cookies as well:

These were divine, and I even made them with low-fat sour cream! The recipe called for 1.5 tablespoons of lime zest, but I only had one lime – I think it was the perfect amount, the flavour was just right. I had plenty of appreciative comments from the giftees. And don’t you love it when you make cookies that look like cafe cookies?

Then I made some cute little gift bags to put them in. (The cookies themselves went into ziplock bags first, of course). The smaller bags came from here, and I used that basic principle to make the bigger ones, just using my printer and some digital scrapping stuff by this lady, who appears to have retired from digital scrapping. (I can’t remember which scrap shop I downloaded from or I would link to them as well. Terrible me.)

I didn’t have any heavy paper or card in the house, so I printed on normal copy paper and them whipped out my trusty glue stick and glued them onto a sheet of brown paper, then made the bags up with the resulting reinforced paper, which was just about the perfect weight for a half-dozen cookies.

I spent Sunday morning goggling around the Organic Food Expo, and ever since then I have been trying desperately not to scoff all of the choc-coated licorice I got from Green Grove Organics. I would have bought the ginger and the almonds as well but that would have been just greedy….

PS. A tip for the unwary. If you decide to (finally) make a lining for the handwoven wool satchel you bought in Peru, remember to take the pins out. Otherwise you will grab the bag in the wrong spot while you’re getting on the bus, and stab yourself in the hand.

This really isn’t that complicated. I could do it. You can get a template from somewhere like The Papercraft Tutor or you can decide for yourself how big you want each step to be. Note – don’t crease the whole card in the centre fold to start with, as the steps don’t fold at that point.

Once you know how big your steps are, cut layers of colour to fit them. These all came from a single sheet of what, from memory because I can’t find the leftovers at the moment, was Daisy Bucket’s Garden Gate range. An older release.

Here’s a pic of the card slightly flattened, in case you haven’t seen one of these before and want a different perspective.

I added some lace, some bling to a few flower centres, and spots of kindy glitz to the spots on the blue-background patterned paper.

I think these display type cards would be great as get well cards.

This is the card that won me Judges Choice in the local Show. I was pretty chuffed with myself when I made it, I will admit, but the judge might take it back if she realised how easy it was. As you can probably tell, it’s a three-layer box. Here are the three layers of mine before sticking together: (more…)

Nah, not the physical kind. That might involve sweat.

I made this box for a challenge at Little Scrapbook Shop. The particular challenge is over and done, although it was part of a series that is ongoing. You can find the instructions for the box HERE.

Box with inner dividers

The sides, as you can see, are concertina-folded card. Inside the box there are divider cards turning it into a file box. So you can put tabs on or not, and fill it with greeting cards or mementos or whatever. I used it as a gift for my Mum without filling it at all, since I had already given her a stack of cards.

The papers I used are from Basic Grey’s Figgy Pudding range. They’re really old stock now so I got them cheap ๐Ÿ™‚