Hello gentle readers.

Well it’s been Me-Made-May this month, a sewing challenge presented by So, Zo…..

As usual I wasn’t organised enough to really participate and generate daily posts, with photos of my fabulous creations…um…. that is, some things I made. Also, I forgot to actually make the pledge!! Here’s what I had in mind at the start of the month:

 ‘I, Laura of makebakesisters.wordpress.com, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavour to wear two me-made garments (or refashions) each week for the duration of May 2015’

I started off well at the beginning of the month, really making an effort to wear me-made garments. Towards the end of the second week though I realized that the season was turning and most of my handmade items aren’t cold-weather-friendly!

Which was what prompted this horrible-dress-to-sweet-top:


The cooler weather reminded me of this cute floral number I made using a retro pattern and some vintage brushed cotton/flannelette fabric from the op shop. I made this top last winter and actually wear it quite a bit.


And also the thermal top I originally purchased at a real, honest-to-goodness thrift store (Thrift Town in San Francisco, actually!!) and creatively mended has had a few wears this month.


Last week I dragged the winter clothes suitcase out of the garage and found this cardigan, which was also a refashion-and-mend:


And of course I have been actively, haha, wearing the tights and tops I made whilst doing the Burdastyle Activewear course. I have had a couple of desperate fails in the activewear department, and I’m really not going to share them here. These ones here were a success, though!


Yep, matching running tops for me and my flatmate, for the Mother’s Day Classic fun run which raises awareness (and funds!) for Breast Cancer and related research. Everyone wears pink for this run:-)  I also whipped up the little matching armband using Fehrtrade’s free pattern. Even my bandanna, in fact, was me-made, a couple of years ago for the same race.

Last weekend I spent a few hours wrestling with Fehrtrade’s PBJam leggings. It did not go so well. I may or may not explain this at some later date. So to make up for the fail I did this:


These are made from the legging pattern I drafted during the Burdastyle course. It is a double-knit with four-way stretch that I picked up at one of the many cheap fabric shops in my area. I thought it would be good for early morning runs in winter. I used a little bit of orange lycra for the diagonal flash to give them a bit of interest. I wore them running this morning! They were indeed cosy, although I need to make the waist elastic a little tighter as they rode down a little in the thigh department.

All in all, although I didn’t wear me-made on a daily basis this month, I probably averaged two items a week, so I’m pretty happy with that. Now that I think about it, some of my pyjamas are also handmade – so that’s some me-made nights as well!

Did you pledge or participate in Me-Made-May? Did you have fun, and would you do it again?